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Medullary Sponge Kidney Disease (MSK)

I have had MSK since 1999 when I was pregnant with my last child. After I had her I was in and out of the hospital every 3 months because my stones were 10mm and I could not pass them. After numerous lithotripsies and 7 specialists, I finally went to see a naturopathic physician. My doctor changed my diet to no animal protein in any way shape or form. I went completely vegan. I started body building a couple of years ago because I had no more problems with my kidneys and started eating fish and chicken again.. Low and behold I sit here today with blood in my urine and possible kidney issues again. I guess its time to go back to Vegan again. My stones are not calcium based so I am a rare form of MSK, being that my body doesn't produce magnesium or potassium. I currently have 20 in one kidney and 17 in the other. Regular specialists told me there was nothing they can do for my chronic kidney pain, in which I have lived with since 1999. Amazing what diet can do for you. I wish everyone luck with this diease. It is not a fun one, believe my I know.
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Hi bratlee....I'm new to this forum. I've known about MSK (that I have it) for a few years now. I had 2 (omg! Yes 2!) Stents put in Thursday and owwwwww!!! Called fhe drs this morning to see when they're coming out...wishful thinking tomorrow wohld be the day...next freaking Thursday is my appt just to see her!! Anyway...my whole point for contacting you is about the whole vegan idea. Can you give me some ideas for recipes??? I might try it. My stones are made up of calcuim and oxalate but I wondered if fhis might help me. Thanks if you can help!!! If you'd like to email me, my email is ***@****. They keep telling me someone already has that so I used my gmail one that I can't even get to! O.o
Anyway, thanks for listening!!!!
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Guess they don't want you to put ur email in. :/ just msg me here if you can. Thanks!!! Cat. :)
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Glad diet has helped .. it's been minimal for me :(


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