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Medullary nephrocalcinosis

Hi there
I was found to have severe medullary nephrocalcinosis in march of 2008 from a CT scan, after many years of UTI's, back and groin paid.  

My doctor is stating that this is idiopathic, but in my own research online I have yet to find any idiopathic diagnosis of medullary nephrocalcinosis.  I am just finding that this is used as a descriptive term in radiology.  

Can someone give me some advise?  I have had a second opinion and just wondering if I should see a third.

If anyone out there has the same condition or has heard about it or maybe there are other tests that can be done?  Anything at this point would be great

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Idiopathic means of unknown origin.  That is true, no one knows what causes MSK
so that could be all he is saying.  Nephrocalinosis, means calcifications with in the kidney.  I believe the term is used when there is a significant amount of calcifications and
mainly describes the calcifications in the Nephron or inner part of the kidney.  My understanding is that these types of calcifications are classic pattern of MSK.  I found it often called Randall's Plaque!

Patti I would encourage to read through the posts and health pages, most of us have the neprocalcinosis.too.  Then post any questions that might have too!
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Just to back up Shelly's statement about nephrocalcinosis meaning calcification within the kidney....That's how my MSK diagnosis was found.  I had a CT scan because I went in for blood in my urine and back pain on my left side.  I had nephrocalcinosis in both kidneys.  Just follow what Shelly has stated and read around the message board.  
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Hi if you are still around, I would like to know a bit more about your condition and how you are coping. .. have you had a prognosis yet and how are your pain levels.
Many thanks
Hi Netsa,  These calcifications can break off into tiny or large pieces and, therefore, act/behave like kidney stones causing pain, etc.  Hope this is helpful for you
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