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Mulit/daily vitamins that are safe for those of us with MSK???

Hi there,
I just found out days ago that I have MSK and have since stopped taking any of the vitamins and stuff I was because I'm 27 and am already having some scary symptoms, which is what led to the diagnosis. I had coffee colored urine from blood being in it and have constant pain, was treated for a UTI to be safe, kidney stones being in there somewhere are still a possibility. After much reading about this condition I found that anyone with the disease should only be consuming Calcium through their diet and NOT take it directly in the form of vitamins, etc. there are a number of other things I was told to avoid as they may encourage stones to form, see http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/kudiseases/pubs/kidneystonediet/ eating right some days can be difficult and I don't want to develop problems like Anemia or something because I may not be eating right, trying to adjust and figure out a good routine to care for my new found abnormal kidney. Does anyone who's been living with this condition have any pointers on what I could safely take and where to find them? I appreciate any feed back. Also, would love to know of more MSK groups and such, learning everything I can about this would be ideal for me.
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You're right-my urologist advised me to NEVER take calcium supplements but eat a lot of high calcium foods like yogurt and drink milk. I'm not on any vitamins for MSK so I can't help you there.

I am the admin of a group on facebook called Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK)!
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I was recently diagnosed as well and am trying to follow a low sodium, low protein, low calcium,  and low oxalate diet.  I too worry about causing anemia, and osteoporosis.  I quit vitamins about ten years ago after having kidney stones during my first pregnancy.  I continue to take folic acid though.  I have a wonderful urologist who has been very knowledgeable about MSK.  I have also been using the Divita kidney website for recipes.  
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