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Negative UTI and culture but still have PAIN! (MSK)

Ok, I went to my regular Doctor Monday and had a Urine test and a culture done. I have been having flank pain on my left side like crazy. In my other post I stated that I have changed my diet and only drink water and fresh lemonaid. Low oxolate diet and so forth. My Culture came in today and it was negative. WHY AM I STILL HAVING PAIN? I fear the Doctor is going to tell me  (when I have my next ultersound on April 2nd) OH its just one little cyst and YOU shouldn't be feeling any Pain. I know I have a cysts on my right but I know nothing about my left Kidney.
I have not passed stones in a long time. I rarly have UTIs but I have this flank and rib pain that is like someone
punched me or side kicked me in the Kidney, DO ANY OF YOU HAVE THIS TYPE OF PAIN? My lower Back hurts and around the back rib area, dull and nagging.
If I don't have a UTI or any stones that I know of then what is the Problem?
I go on the 2nd to check my left due to the fact that I have way more pain in the left than right. Its hard to work or sleep sometime. I can't walk long distant and I can't set for long periods of time.
I would realy like some feedback from you MSK suffers.  
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I was diagnosed with MSK about 5 years ago, I am now 38.  I have had problems with kidney stones(30+)  and UTI's since I was about 12 or 13.  I also have the constant dull nagging pain (that you described) in my right side that most doctors and urologists have just passed off and told me there is no reason or no way it can hurt.  Well I am here to tell you that it hurts and it hurts more often than not.  I have noticed that when I am more active or have any pressure on it such as sitting or sleeping or even the vibration of driving in a car will make it worse.  I did finally find a nephrologist that is treating me with water pills and potassium trying to get my oxlate levels down but he also understands and seems to sympathize with the chronic pain that I have.  I have found that toradol, a prescription anti inflammitory works the best on this pain, it is not the best for your kidneys if taken in high doses but my nephrologist assures me that it will take alot more than i would take to do that.  I understand your frustration and sympathize with you as I to find it really hard to cope with daily pain and get no explanation as to why.  good luck!
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I was diagnosed with MSK in 1996 and since then have had multiple stones and staghorn callcullus.  I was put on low dose antibiotics by the consultant who discovered ( after a life time of pain and infections ) what the problem was and treated me for the staghorn. One of the questions he asked me was why weren't you diagnosed earlier?  Like I'm supposed to know the answer to this.  I moved back to were I had grown up and straight away my family gp took me off the antibiotics and informed me that there was nothing wrong with my kidneys.  I have suffered with the same pains as you all describe and keep getting told it can't hurt you don't have an infection.  Well I'm very sorry all you medical experts.  It hurts like hell.  I am now under a new consultant and he is sending me for all the tests I've already been for a million times before.  Why can't they just read the other drs notes for gods sake.  I wish you all the best in getting help with your kidney's.
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Omg the car always makes me hurt Im not alone
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