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No kidney pain since starting antibiotics for bronchitis

I have not had any kidney pain since last Tuesday, when I began Bactrim for 7 days. I have already been on macrobid since Nov. 13 and had 1 IV dose of gentimicin or floxin on Friday. I guess this flu with bronchitis treatment has allowed me to attack my Kidney infection with some strong meds. DH thinks it was gentimicin and I think it was floxin. I am going to have to get my records to find out for sure. I am going to try to call my Uro and see if I can get a long term bactrim Rx from him.
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HHHMMMMM is all I can say.  I have found the same thing happen AND also when I go onto an anti-inflammatory I usually would pass a stone within a few weeks.  And, interesting to note that since I'm on one for 1.5yrs straight for ankle problem, I am pain free and I have passed anything big enough to show up.  My last event was about a week long but pretty uneventful in the world of stones on a scale of 1-10 it was a 4 I'd say.

So antibiotics and NSAID's make me wonder.  

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i started taking ibuprofen for all the joint pain going on.with my pain med too.i feeling better but still very tired.i always was told no nsaids ever .so what do your dr.s say about taking them??
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