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Ouch - time to update my Pain Tracker ...

This is so typical of a small kidney stone.

So much fun.  Not really.

It may have passed already.

Had sharp pangs yesterday and groin pain yesterday and today so it is low.  Last night and this AM progressive lower one sided flank pain in the back.  And on Mobic for chronic ankle issues so will add some Tylenol now to the mix.

This too shall Pass.  Hopefully sooner vs. later.

It all started with a virus on Halloween .. ended with some hives so I do think it was viral that coincided with the stone.

Last ultraound done in March was "stone free" .. but we are never "stone free", just "free of stones" that show up LOL.

Gotta laugh some, right?!

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Feel free to stop by and see my Pain Tracker .. I passed a small stone last week and if you move to the dates around 10/31 - 11/5 you can see the pain levels, etc.  I have journals which are assoc with the pain .. but I elected to mark them private, but if you want to see what they look like, just message me and I'll open them up to "friends only"


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