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Please help!!!

Could anyone tell me what's wrong? I have had very painful severe migraines for about a week now, I'm either too hot or too cold, I've been having pulses of fatigue like feelings throughout my body, and later in the evening today my neck started hurting around my spine and it's tight... I know it's not from sleeping the wrong way because I always sleep properly and it start happening later in the day (neck pains) so if anyone could pleaseeeee help me out its starting to worry me I'm only 23 years old and I'm too young to be having this go on
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oh my goodness you sound like me! I can give you some info as to what it could be, Fibromyalgia!!!!! I have Medullary sponge kidney disease, IC and chronic migraines, I now have officially been diagnoses with fibromyalgia. You sound like that could be a possibility.  ITs very painful. I have the sore stiff neck and shoulders, back pain and ache hips and knees.  Google Fibromyalgia and talk to your doctor, also have them give you something for migraines like Maxalt. Maxalt has saved my mind. I was gong crazy with a life long battle with migraines.
I sure hope you find relief soon. I hate to hear you are suffering. Get well and get some medical answers.  Good luck!!!
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