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Possible MSK and dropping GFR

Just a quick background, I am a 30 year old female with 4 kids. I am currently waiting for an appointment with a rheumatologist to evaluate me for autoimmune disorders. I have had my appendix and gallbladder taken out due to chronic inflammation, and have also had bad gastro problems due to inflammation in my digestive track. Plus problems with my hands and hips. In April of 2013 I ended up in the Urgent Care due to pain in my back. I was sent for a CT Scan which came back with lots of calcification and stones in both kidneys. I have since had random boughts of pain that have sent me to the ER, where they told me I was probably passing a stone. I am in the process of getting in to see my urologist to have the specialized test done to diagnose MSK since that is what the radiologist thinks it is. I have been sick with flu like symptoms for the past week. In addition I have also been having urinary tract infection symptoms like urgency and frequency and pain when I empty my bladder. Then starting yesterday morning I was having horrible pain in my back right under my rib cage. I have also noticed my thighs and knees have randomly been getting edema, very swollen red and warm. My blood pressure has also been high for the past year or so. I went to the Urgent Care again yesterday since I didn't want to end up in the ER and my doctors office was closed. The doctor was very rude and pretty much accused me of seeking pain meds. All they did was a dipstick urine which showed nothing because I was chugging water beforehand trying to avoid going anywhere and my sample was extremely diluted. He told me if I was in that much pain he would not prescribe anything and I had to go to the ER. I did get a shot of tramadol there which did nothing. So I went home hoping it would pass, but it didn't. So when my husband got home I went to the ER even though I REALLY didn't want to. So here is what they found. Nothing in my left kidney, several calcifications and stones ranging from 2mm and .1-.2inches? Nothing obstructing. My urine and blood tests where ok. I did have higher than normal lymphocytes one other one I cant remember...eos? The thing that concerned me most was my GFR. In October, three months ago, it was 109 which was considered normal. Last night is was 88! My creatine was only up a little bit to .88, but this GFR number really scared me! And the ER doc was about as nice as the Urgent Care doc. Told me if he cant find anything obstructing he will not help me with my pain. He said if they are still in my kidney they wont cause pain, which I think is crap! Tried to tell me I pulled a muscle. I think I would know the difference! I don't get how they can say that when I obviously have all this crap in my kidney and pain in the exact spot over and over! Luckily this morning I feel better. I just wanted to get some input from people who have experienced this and what their take is on my case. Thanks in advance!
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OK first of my doctor explained to me that our GFR rating can change throughout the day and not to worry to much about that.  As far as chronic unexplained pain... as you read through the old post you will see you re not alone.  Many of us have this and I believe for many it is cause by a low level chronic infection within the calcifications.  I can send you some info on this and there are some articles in the health pages of this site as well.

Hang in there you are not alone!!
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