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Unusual Urine

In Early Jan. I had a bladder infection.  I first noticed it because it looked like white bubbles or white things were in my urine.  Then I started having buring and pain.  I was treated and all seemed better.  Then the stuff in my urine returned so I went back to the doc who said I had blood in my urine but no infection.  They did a urine culture and I had an IVP.  All normal but they wanted me to see a urologist for a procedure....cysto..something, I can't remember the name.  It sounded painful so I said what if I get another urine test in a week and it is good then I wait on going to the urologist, doc said OK.  A week later no blood or infection in urine but the white stuff came back.  Looks like little white bubbles or particals and it only happens about 2-3 times a day.  Sometimes it is clear.  What could this be??  Any ideas would help.

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Hi Susan,welcome to the Urogynecology Community!

This sounds like something that should be directed to the MSK (Medulary Sponge Kidney). This condition is fairly common, onset typically 30-40, and kidney stones and UTIs are symptoms. I'll contact admin to switch this post over to that community, you will get an answer from someone soon, they you'll be able to find out more information and see if your symptoms fit this condition. Hang in there, answers are on the way!

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  I hope I can get some answers form people who have had this experience or who may know a little more than I do!!
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Sadly for us the infections are actually set up in the calcifications therefore,do not always show on standard UA or cultures.  If you would like some articles and links to info on this, first check the Healthpages then pm me as well. I have a lot of research on MSK and chronic biofilm infection.  There are many posts on this if you read back as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Thanks for the response!!  I guess I am not really sure if MSK is what I have.  I see the small white bubble looking clumps in my urine about 3 times a day.  It starts mid morning and then ends in late day.  I have terrible pressure off and on too.  I am interested in any articles you can direct my way.  I don't know if I should go back to the doc or not.  She had wanted me to see a urologist because of the trace blood in my urine but she kind of laughed off the white stuff.  It seems like what I have read about MSK there are lots of symptoms but I haven't seen a lot about these white bubbly things.  I know sometimes urine has bubbles when it comes out fast or what ever but this is seems different.  I am just really uncomfortable and really confused about what to do.
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I have a foul smell urine like a ram in heat.   I am female.
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Any type of foul smelling urine really needs to be checked out by your doctor.  It can be serious indicator of infection, etc.

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Frothy urine can be from protien in the urine, mine leak protein because of the MSK. It still needs to be checked though because of the uti risks, not all utis will show up in urine if the infection has gone further up the urinary system, not all infections present with fever either, you need to see a doc who has a sound understanding as some brush it off, I've had arguements with ED nurses over it.
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