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Vinegar tablets for infections?

First of all, I have MSK, i get infections all the time and pass stones very frequently. I do not have insurance, and im tired of running up a dr bill a lab test bill, all because, all he wants to do is run tests, do scans ETC. I understand the things need to be done, but i cant afford it all the time. And it seems like hes always doing this test and that test. It costs money. I need natural ways to help me deal with this problem. Has anyone tried vinegar tablets and had success getting rid of infections. Has anyone ever used anything else that helps reduce accumulation of stones? Im quite sick of dealing with this, as I know all of you, who deal with this disease, are too. Im tired of spending thousands of dollars to see NO progress. I have been dealing with this for years, but only got diagnosed 1 yr ago. Thanks for any advice on NATURAL remedies and cures for stone formation a infections. Please dont mention cranberry, its never done a thing for me, personally. Im sure its helpped someone, however, it doesnt help me.
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Do check with your doctor first, but Magnesium and B6 in a product called BeeLith can be helpful.  As far as vinegar not sure .. I drink a lot of water with lemon in it to alter my PH per my doctor.  These infections we get are not the usual garden variety UTI's and can become quite serious very fast because the organism is usually embedded deep in the stone that sits in our kidney or does it's thing as it passes out.

Just my two cents.

MSK with stones
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