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blood in urine - no stones

I've been seeing blood in my urine anytime I get even the slightest bit dehydrated.  I know there is blood in my urine all the time but I don't think I should be able to see it.  The urologist doesn't seem to be worried but I can't help but be upset when I see blood.  Does anyone else have this problem without stones?
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Time to get another urologist- one who cares about his/her patients.  A variety of things can cause blood in urine aside from stones.  May be even more then this list, but here's some causes I found/or already knew about: infection, diabetes, trauma, hypertension, cancer- kidney, bladder; interstitial cystitis (I.C.), endometriosis in the urinary tract.  
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you need 2 do urin analysis fo dysmorphic RBCS what about renal function test? please give me more information you get in lab
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I have had all the lab work done from my urine.  I have no infection.  He did the camera in the bladder thing and found nothing.  I've had CT scans and sonograms.  I'm pretty sure they've done a pretty good job of investigating.  I'm still concerned about seeing blood and was wondering if that was common with MSK.
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Did they do cystoscopy w/hydrodistention, which is what they do to diagnose IC?  Endometriosis can be microscopic, invisible to the naked eye & sonograms and CT scans would not pick up on it.  
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Christine, I had the same problem since I have both IC and MSK. Both can cause unexplained blood in the urine BUT you know your body,. We can have infection even when it does not show on any test.  For me the blood is the only way we can actually see I am in infection, now i know by the pain and symptoms but because the infection is within the stones in the kidney, not enough bacteria sloughs off to be able to show on standard tests.

It can be very frustrating when you know something isn't right for you and no one seems to listen... are you having pain etc,?

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