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blood in urine?

i have been having blood in my urine, sperm, and i have been caughing up some blood. What could be causing this to happen?
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My understandig is that blood in the urine if common with MSK, this however has only happened to me more recently.  I am told it comes from stones even n the kidney causing some irritation.  HOwever the fact that you are coughing blood seems unrelated to me.  Blood even with MSK, needs to have more serious things rulled out with a doctor.URO etc.   Even if it is just an MSK thing,,, they need to amke sure it is not something more, esp. with the blood you are coughing up!!!

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Yes, I fully agree with Shelly .. get to a Dr.  Anytime a person coughs up blood more than just from irriation of coughing or specs with mucous, you need to see a Dr. in my opinion.

I had  4yrs of consistent blood in my urine until I passed my last stone.  My cells were abnormal from the stones moving around .. they caused micro blood and atypical cells which after 2 high level DNA tests and 2 cystoscopes performed 6mos apart ruled out Cancer,

Never ever dismiss blood in urine or via the mouth.

WELCOME to the COMMUNITY .. let us know how you make out ok?

Cheryl (MSK w/stones)
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