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diet for a seven years old child

I have a 7 year old daughter who was diagnosed with MSK recently. The doctor said she should take a low calcium and low protein diet. What are your tips for her diet or meals?
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i never heard of limiting calcium for anyone with this disease.i have msk and my daughter at 4 has it; the dr's said we need calcium for bone heath and kids growing..i was told not to take calcium pills but never limit in our diets ever.i was told not to give my daughter salt watch salt in take.2000mg's a day,so i dont know what to tell you i would ask a other dr if it was my kid!
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I've always been told that it isn't diet that causes us MSKers to make stones it's the way our kidneys are made. Calcium is so important for growing children and women. The only diet change I was told to do was drink as much water as I possibly can :0) x
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thats so true ,i was told lots and lots of water!no dark soda or coffee for the kids just clear soda if they want one no tea either..
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DITTO I have a calcium metabolic issue that puts the calcium in my urine instead of my bones!  STILL  avoid calcium supplements but not calcium in my foods.  I was decimal points away from osteoporosis
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