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difficulty performing my job :(

Hi guys,
I am still having so much pain after my lithotripsy last week...it really kicked my *** worse than I thought it would be. I couldn't do much for about a week I had so much pain and burning and it still really hasn't gone away. I still have terrible cramping and burning and I pee every half hour! I had to go back to work today and I only made it thru half the day...had to leave and go home to take Vicodin for pain. I have lost 2 jobs last year for absence because of all the kidney stone related problems. I do not get paid time off or vacation at my current job (its just a part-time job) and my boss has been very nice but I am worried that I will get fired or have to quit. This is such a horrible situation to be in because most people don't understand how bad the pain is all the time and how I pass or have stones in my ureters atleast once a month. I really dont know what to do with myself! My kidney function tests have been normal so far so i read online that a person cannot get disability unless they have poor kidney function, but how are people supposed to work with constant pain, nausea, burning and urination!!??    Sorry just had to vent and I hope you all are doing better than me right now!

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Is the stent still in?  

Have you been checked for an infection?
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Hi Kim,

I hope you are feeling a little better now? When you have Lithotripsy how long did it last for? I wonder if they are treating you too long? I dont know but you seem to really suffer after?

When I started my treatment they went in to blast the stone and then the second time it was litho but the consultant (who was new to me) said that he has changed procedured a little... he only blasts the stone for an hour (maximum) and does it at a steady rate.

When I got sent home he put me on 400mg of CONTIFLO XL tablets also known as TAMSULOSIN... Now heres the funny part they are for shrinking a mans prostrate lol So I was a little nervous of taikng them but when he explained that they really help to relax the bladder and your pipe after litho, they also help to break the stone fragments... so i took them and think they really helped...

it sounds like you could do with something like this if you are in so much pain after litho.

I really hope you are felling better xxxxxxxxx
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ive had kidney stones since ive been sixteen years old wit only a couple major ones the pain and aggravation makes me not wanna do **** at times i can just ignore them and others bring me straight to the hospital. ive changed my diet again nd again basically just drinking all natural juices or just water eating fruits nd staying away from any soda or caffeine. before it was ok to an extent my parent cud help now I'm living on my own wit my room mates who need help themselves. idk how much longer my job will understand even wit notes and procedure done what can i really do. they all cost copayment and everyday out is a day of lost wages. how can i get help if any???
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You just have to tkake it one steo or one day at a time. Sure copays are expensive, but I major trip to the hospital can be a lot worse (in my opinion.) If a doctor can help you, at least for the time being, I would take it. You never know what he might say that can change. The thing about MSK is it changes, day to day, week to week, and month to month. Medicine changes too. Before you know it, doctors may be able to find something that might work. You have to be hopeful.
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