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herniated disc/ renal colic pain

I was dx with L1 and L2 herniation after much pain via mri., now for the last 3 months I been have terriable pain radiating from lower rt flank and around to groin area. Just went to hospital for that pain thinking it was my back and trun out to be renal colic pain . My concern is ive had it for some time now getting severe headaches and sweating at night. also pain to inside of my thigh like a cramp that just started as the pain in groin got worse I am concern that this may be more then dx.  
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That sounds like renal colic to me...,
   I do understand though, I got so used to having the kidney pain that when slipped the disk in my back I did not even know it.

   You sound like you are having the opposite problem.  If you just went to the ER... you maybe fine HOWEVER with the symptoms you describe
it is very possible for you to have gone septic!!  It is a good idea to watch it and if you
feel like you need to go back, are sick con not control the pain  then go.   listen to your body!!

PLEASE let us know how your doing... pray you feel better soon!

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Hi Migna,
I'm new to the forum & have many of the symptoms that you described. I have herniated disks & a cyst on my sacral spine. I suffer from frequent renal colic & have a lot of pain in my abdomen, right pelvic area, right groin and thigh. the pain is always there but varies in intensity. Lately its been really bad...it hurts to sit and to walk. i also have a lot of leg cramps & cramps in my feet. headaches, sweating, nausea, weakness. Today is a really bad day. i think i'm going to pass more stones. my doctors dont understand how much pain i'm in & how sick i feel.

I really feel for you & pray you feel better soon.
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I have had msk for 3 years in both kidneys. It has nit caused me much pain or discomfort until recently I started experiencing lower back pain that was very intense. It radiates to the pelvic area and down to the front of my thighs. Also had an MRI and it showed a mild herniated disk. My pain seems to be much lower than the flank area. I am finding it hard to believe it's kidney pain. I had one severe occurrence last month to the point I could not move or walk. Since then I've been ok. Cannot explain what happened
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I have found for some reason many of us with MSK also are later diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis.  Your lower back and pelvic symptoms maybe more related to this that MSK.
There is info on the site and on our MOARKIC.  You can e-mail me for more information
or links to info on this bladder condition too.

I hope this helps you!
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