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lower back pain?

Does anyone else have constant lower back pain? I'm not sure if it's from my kidneys or not..but it's constant..not the same as a kidney stone pain, or blockage or any of that stuff. I was wondering if anyone else with MSK has lower back pain too?
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I do and always assumed it was from having my kids since they broke my tail bone.
HOWEVER, to my amazement we know that for me that lower back pain is actually bladder pain.  I have Interstitial Cystitis along with MSK, I have found several with both too...

I would though encourage you to get a referral to a good PT.  My two PT's have helped me tremendously!  Often even finding things that could be treated we assumed were MSK or IC!  I hope that helps you!

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I have constant lower back pain and they believe its cuz i seem to always have infections in my kidneys i dont know if this helps but its just a thought.
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I have it in times of flare and not in the spot where it is more classic. It wasn't 'til I passed as stone, that they realized I wasn't bonkers complaining of the lower back pain plus groin pain!

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