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msk and Autoimmune diease

dose anyone know how many pople with msk have  Autoimmune Disease????i had a positive antinuclear blood test .so that's pointing at a autoimmune disease but witch one ???? my joints hurt in my hands wrist ,my legs not as bad and my neck.i'm am thinking my autoimmune disease is coming from the biofilm infection in my stones..my gp is sending me to a rheumatologist on 12/19..i would love to know how many have this??? so i can tell the dr. how many people have this with msk.. please help ..my gp thinks it could be ra or lupus..the antinuclear blood test is really high it's 204. and normal is 120!!! from what i read the higher it is more likely lupus..i did get alot of rashes this summer when i was in the sun.i never had that be for and i am always in the sun and i never burn..rashes go with lupus .and i have a rash on my finger for 11 months..  thanks msk luv!!!!
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Our Community Leader on Fibro/CFS has lots of knowledge .. I'm going to see if she can help us or see if she knows anybody who may have an answer on this great question!

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Hi mskluv,

Your ANA titer is positive... but fortunately not that high. (unless the lab changed the methodology). An ANA should be negative, although some physicians consider an ANA titer of 1:20 negative. Do you happen to know what the pattern is ? With an ANA result, comes a pattern (speckled, nucleolar & homogenous are just a few) The pattern gives a physician a clue as to which autoimmune disease you could have. When you see the rheumatologist, he or she may take X-Rays (hands & wrists) and will probably order additional lab tests and the results from those tests should point as to which autoimmune condition you have. There are, however, people with positive ANA titers that don't have a diagnosis. I'm one of them. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my ANA is 1:640. I have autoimmune problems... and have some signs of various autoimmune diseases, but I am on a treatment that is covering both my CFS and autoimmune issues.

I totally agree with you that your autoimmune condition is coming from the infection from your kidney condition. Dr. Garth Nicolson has done extensive research on the roles infections are playing in people with autoimmune conditions. He recently was here in MedHelp and answering questions from MedHelp members. You may want to google his name and you will immediately see his institute and be able to read his research on infections in autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and fatigue illnesses.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your appointment.
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THANKS so so much for stopping by, especially on this holiday weekend!

GREAT info .. thanks again!

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thanks very much for you info..
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Wow... I missed that information on Garth Nicholson.  I do however have a research paper written by James Beyer I believe that discusses Medical biofilms.  In it he states the the immune response of the host having a biofilm infection show an increase in the histimine and mast cells in the body.  Both of these things have been directly connected with autoimmune diseases!

Now to google the info by Dr. Garth Nicolson

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I have a positive ANA as well and have been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.  I also have a positive ANA.  I would like to correct a statement someone made earlier in the thread.  An ANA below 1:80 is considered normal.  An ANA of 1:80 is considered borderline, but most doctors will not diagnose lupus with an ANA titer this low.  Also, an extremely high ANA level is not an indicator of more serious disease and isn't a more concusive diagnostic tool to diagnose Lupus.  Lupus must be diagnosed used a combination of symptoms, in addition to the positive ANA.  

I honestly don't know how anybody here can sit here and say that their autoimmune disease was caused by the kidney condition.  There could have been something to "trigger" it at some point, and I'm not disputing the idea that infections can lead to autoimmune diseases......but how can anybody tell you that it was a kidney infection?  They cannot!!!!!   I would LOVE to see supporting evidence of this, if it exists.  As of right now, this is not something that has been published or is accepted as "fact" in the medical community.  I would hesitate greatly to suggest this to someone without additional research and community backing.  

Good luck with your rheumatology tests.  Don't be discouraged if you don't get immediate answers.  Most people don't get answers right away unless the symptoms are glaring in the doctor's phase, in conjunction with staggering lab evidence.  Since there's not one lab test that can say if you're positive with Lupus, it makes it more difficult to diagnose.  Best of luck.  Keep us posted.
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