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I was diagnosed with MSK about 20 years ago.  I am now almost 41.  Just in the last year I have had the pain day in and day out.  It does not seem to matter what I drink or eat.  I am in Montana........so finding someone is so hard!  Has anyone ever had nephrolithotomy??  My Dr told me that would be the best way to suck as many out as he can, not a permanent fix but would maybe buy me some pain free time..........any thoughts?
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I would get a 2nd opinion to be sure it's agreed.  See a kidney stone specialist.  I'm not saying not to have this done, but be sure somebody with expertise working with MSK, etc. is doing it.  It's invasive, too, as I understand versus a uteroscopy or uterolithotripsy. C~
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Is MSK classed as a disability?
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I would do it I have msk. It's very painful at times. I haven't been able to empty bladder in nine months. No infection no stone. Here in the last week I feel like my urethra is kissing my knee no joke intended it really ***** I do wish u the best
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Have you tried Chanca Piedra? I use it and it has broken up two 7mm stones. I had a little pain passing them but not the sever kidney stone pain I have experinced before. I take it daily now since being diagnosed with MSK
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