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"proof" I am better

I played, actually physically played, with my 8 yo, Joseph, yesterday. We ran around the park, laughing, playing tag, racing, carrying him on my shoulders, wrestling him to tickle him. It was so wonderful to hear him laugh with me. I was so thankful to feel so well. I did end up with an allergy attack because of rolling in all the pollen, but I did not knock any stones loose and I have absolutely no kidney pain!

I have been feeling stronger and stronger. I have stamina to make it through a day without resting. I can cook and clean without being exhausted. Now I can even do extras like play!
I truly believe it is due to the ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy and papillotomy my uro preformed on my kidneys in Nov. & Dec. and the BACTRIM antibiotic I have been taking since Dec.

I would not have known about the surgery or to ask for long term antibiotics if I had not read about them on MSK message boards. MSKShelly posted her research and I was able to discuss it with my uro. Now MSK is not in control of my life!

Thank you MSKShelly & ChitChatNine for inviting me to medhelp and everyone else on the board that shares how they deal with MSK.

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Thank so much for sharing how well your doing, as well as your kind words.
Many times we are only the boards when we are hurting, then go on with life
forgetting others are still out there that need hope.  Thank you for taking time to
share esp. while your husband his going through such an intense surgery.

I truly hope this can encourage those still hurting and seeking answers, as well
as reminding us the point of this board.  TO HELP ONE ANOTHER..


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Nancy, did you have to same surgery as Shelly and I had?
"ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy and papillotomy"  I don't even know the tech term...i just know he zapped stones he had access to.  NICE TERM's ah?  I can't wait to get past this post surgery stuff....i have been laying around, drinking and sleeping until yesterday.  I did very little and today i was able to put my house in order (2 hours ) so i am moving but i had to start out with Viocoden ....it's wearing off so i'm pretty tense.  BUT it's so LOVELY outside.  I admire you playing with your son Joseph. MY kids love when i feel well enough to be routy......or bike ride.  They really have grown to appreciate the little things and i guess i have to (to a newer level) I pray this time around brings me more relief so I can enooy more moments with my kids!
Congratulations!  hollie
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Yes that is what I had, but my uro did it, not Dr. Wolf.  I am no longer passing multiple stones daily. It is so great.
It took me at least 3 weeks recuperating after each surgery. Hang in  there.
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   I was wondering how it went!  Glad to hear from you,,,
hang in there and lets hope this time does it for you.  If Not please ask him
about putting you on a long term antibiotic or trying the Silverbiotics Nancy and I had to do both.

Even though he does not claim to really be knowledgeable it the biofilm infection realm I did take him a binder and discuss it with etc.

  Keep me posted.

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Update! 6 days later and I have not had to deal with any kidney stones or pain. No repercussions from playing with my son! It used to be a guarantee I would knock a stone loose if I did anything jarring or strenuous.  Even running across the yard, trying to catch my dog, would result in me having another kidney stone attack.
I am so thrilled!
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