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running and MSK

HI all --

I am SO glad to have found a forum about MSK -- I started having kidney stones when I was 25 and I have now, at the age of 34, had 30 of them.  4 years ago I was diagnosed with MSK.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if running (as exercise) has an adverse affect on sponge kidneys?  Someone once told me that the impact from hitting the pavement caused sponge kidneys to bleed easily, but I haven't been able to substantiate it.  Any info anyone had -- or if there are any runners out there -- it would be very appreciated.

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Honestly I will tell you up front I am not a runner. However havng recently gone through a period of A LOT of blood in my urine, I have been reading many articles about hematuria, blood.  ANY extreme exercise can cause bleeding, and it only seems to reason even more for those of us with stones in both kidneys!  Mine are too numerous to count!
If you have run in the past and your body is used to it, the circulation that comes from a good workout, maybe good however, as long as you keep the kidneys will lots of fluid going through them.  Then see how you feel.  If your kidney pain inreases then I would encourage you to walk instead of jog!  Many researchers are recommending walking instead of running, simply for the impact on your joints, knees and ankles etc.
If it doens't bother you then the good for you may out way the bad, only you and your doctor can decide that.

I would encourage you to bring this up with your doctor at your next appointment.  In the meantime keep a diary of your symptoms along with your running schedule!  This will help both of you to see it's impact on your condition.  Of course if you get dehydrated that can increase stones that will not show till your next x-ray... (so like I said keep the fluids going.)  There is an online pain dairy that might help you keep the logs.  There is a simple free one and a really complex complete cheap one.  You can even give access to anyone you choose, doctor, spouse etc of no one.  The decisions are all yours .
that diary is at www.reliefinsite.com   My favorite thing about the diary is that I can print out charts and graphs to take with me to my appointment, so we can see patterns in my pain that might otherwise be missed!

Let us know how you are doing, because your experience can help others understand better what is going on in their bodies!

Glad you signed on to this board!

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I don't run BUT I have found that going on water park rides has me paying a price the next day and I've seen it online with others who have gone to water parks ... not that I have a clinical answer to your ? but maybe this is helpful.  Also, certain fruit juices would cause pings and pangs for me.

I had microhematuria in my blood to the extent they had to rule out cancer bcz my cells changed shape and were atypical .. turned out they were inflammatory atypical changes and not Cancer changes but that shows you just what these stones can do bouncing around inside the kidney ... they can cause cell structure changes, blood, and pain.

Cheryl (MSK w/calcium oxalate stones)
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As a MSK suffer 984 stones in the past 11 years, I've had my share of pain.  I recently took up running and ran into all sorts of problems.  In the few months that I started running I had to have 2 surgeries to remove blockages, and 2 litho treatments, plus several episodes of excrutiating pain.  I have since stopped running, and things are beginning to calm down again.  Not sure if it's a fluke, but I'm definitely looking into it.
I've also noticed that if I drink alcholic beverages I tend to have an attack.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Andrea (MSK w/calcium oxalate stones)
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YES on the alcoholic beverages; during my stone producing time (I am stone free right now by some miracle) I had issues with fruit juices, too .. a stinging, burning sharp pings and pangs.

Also different foods can set it off.

Shelly may know more than me on the foods since foods weren't too much of an issue for me.

But the running has something to do with it for certain .. I am so so sorry you have endured such a terrible time with this MSK and record-# of stones that I have heard after dealing with my own MSK for 3 yrs now.

They *think* it may be heriditary but nobody really knows ..... and now they do less and less IVP's with contrast x-rays .... and more CT Scans w/o contrast for "stones" themselves so I wonder if they really are even identifying all the cases of MSK out there as IVP is gold standard for diagnosis.

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Thanks again for your info, and congrats on being stone free.
I just had my right kidney cleaned out in February, and just recently had surgery for a blockage in that same kidney, which is chocked full again.
Up here in Canada, I'm a freak in the medical community.lol
Most ER doctors that have treated me for pain, have thought I'm insane when I reveal the # of stones I've passed.  I learned very quickly not to reveal this info as it has resulted in slow treatment, or being accused of being a drug addict.  
I've noticed that when I drink alcoholic beverages, I usually wind up in Emerg with pain, and within a day or 2 out pops a stone.  I'm assuming this is a good thing, as it gets the stones moving out, instead of staying in and getting bigger.  Maybe a glass of wine a day, isn't only good for the heart,! but for stones to!
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Yes, how readily here, too, in the US I have heard they think you are there for the pain meds and do not believe that you have a stone even when sometimes nothing shows on the tests!!!!!!!!!

Me, too .. when I was there last year .... they asked if I was in the med. profression bcz I knew so much .. well, when you pee in a cup birght red .. something ain't right and they may have heard the terms MSK for 60 secs in their medical career?  Maybe if they were in one lecutre hall?

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Wow a lot of stones!  I don't know how many I have passed..., I am not good at straining! i do know I had 2 mos where I passed 7 little ones!

I wonder if the jarring motion of jogging knocks the stones loose??
I do not drink so don't know how that would effect stones and pain..., however I also have Interstitial Cystitis and have to wtch my diet.  In reading for that I now understand how many foods can increase pain issues, cuase muscle spasms etc.  Meat is very hard on the kidneys to digest and limiting this to about 6 oz a day is best.  I know if I eat a whole hamburger then my kidney hurts!  Caffeine can cause mucles spasms so that also could increase pain.  Before I knew I had IC I noticed a Coke etc would knock to the floor!

Glad you signed on...:) and as a pro at stone passing and MSK I hope you will actively post for the newbies too!
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