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Lower backache every afternoon into the night

I had an u/s last week and am being referred to a Nephrologist. Evidently the u/s showed MSK. I had upper abdominal pain and lower backaches, the doctor thought it could have been my gallbladder. For the last several weeks, I have had a lower backache starting in the afternoon and it lasts until I go to bed. It gets worse as the day goes on. It's not back pain, but reminds me of when you ride in a car all day and can't get comfortable. Is this "kidney pain" and will a heating pad help?
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I get that too ... actually, I think I've pulled a muscle or sat at the computer for too long, when actually it's from a slow-moving stone on the move for me.

Have you tried our pain tracker here at MedHelp?  It's helped me tremendously track the pain and time inbetween episodes!

Hot baths help me.

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Your description of your type of pain sounds as if it came straight from my mouth.  Luckily, I only feel it on the left side most of the time.  Hot baths, heating pads, anything applying warmth (and a little pressure) help when it is at its worst.  

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Personally, I have different kinds of pain.  Some days it is just real sharp over the kidney areas or just aching.  Other times it feel as if my kidneys are going to explode out my sides.  It is the aching and throbbing that cause tremendous nausea with me.  Sometimes my pain will be low, but most of the time it is right over the top of the kidneys radiating out into my sides.  Hope this helps, but for me I don't second guess cause I know it is kidney pain.  Rarely, hot baths help me; good luck!
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