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causes of memory issues,muscle weakening,pain,numbness,tingling

im 44 usually in gym 3-5 days a week. have been in past 10-20 yrs dealing asthma, sleep apnea, narcolepsy,vertigo,anxiety/stress.     for 12 days have had  an onset of  some mild memory loss,confusion,losing of time a little,extreme exhaustion, muscle weakness, i believe muscle wasting in calves, muscle twitching(have had in past). numbing tingling in  forearms, hands,feet, lower legs.back pain middle to lower back. neck stiff. I work hard and drive alot.   have been on nuvigil for narcolepsy, low dose of hormones, asthma meds (singlair,advair)  buspar as needed for anxiety(new) , and antivert(vertigo) flexirel as needed, muscle relaxer.have felt like i wasn't connected to my body a lot during past 12 days. im used to not feeling good, always still work long hrs and work out.. but last 12 days have not been able to function very well at all [Less]
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  You could ask your doctor if it could  be from any medication
interactions. Also make sure with any exercise that you are not over exerting yourself and that you take something to keep electrolytes in balance such as Gatorade. As there could be other causes as well
it would be worthwhile to speak to your doctor.
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Hi kimmiev69 and welcome to the forum.

Adrenal fatigue(1) and consequently thyroid dysfunction (2)
Address (1) first, but you need to consult with an Endo who is open and good as Adrenal fatigue is not quite an "established" condition. (rubbish!)
Only after this you can address (2), very important!

Check for nutritional, mineral (tissue levels) deficiencies as well as a complete hormonal panel, neurotransmitter assessment and heavy metals profile.

You need to slow down, physically and mentally. meditation is wonderful, listen to meditation CDs with  binaural sounds.

Do a drug interaction check online. takes 2 minutes.
You may have some issues there.

Also check the normal breathing website, you likely have too much lactic acid in your body and normalized breathing will help.

You may also have elevated levels of tartaric acid, a muscle toxin, sometimes associated with candida or high carb intake and a known malic acid antagonist. malic acid is vital for the Krebs cycle (metabolic process)

Check your PH levels, as low levels indicate inability of your cells to repair,
since this co-relates to inefficient cellular voltage, necessary for healing.

This is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Please post again or message me if you have questions.

Love & light
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