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Any support put in place due to memory loss when applying for work or promotion?

I have been trying to get a promotion at work but I fail at interview due to my lack of memory following a head injury when from falling down two flights of stairs 10 years ago. I can get to the interview stage with strong competency examples but cannot recall them during interview. I have tried reading the examples but that does not always answer the specific questions asked and I have been told that it also reduces my ability to show my personality.
My employers have tried to support me by giving me an extra 15 minutes at interview. In fact this is just another uncomfortable 15 minutes when I can't recall anything I've done to warrant a promotion!
I have successfully worked at the higher grade and have put adjustments in place in my day to day working life to cope with my memory loss but the promotion seems impossible.
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That's incredibly hard!  I really feel for you hon.  So, what about strategies to trigger memories.  Large notecard---  it has either a single phrase or word.  You work with that notecard over and over at home.  Someone can help you if you have a supportive family.  They ask you a question and you scan your note card at your lead in, ques, trigger statements.  

I wonder how much nerves play a role here too.  That can make me freeze.  My son has great anxiety and a developmental delay that involves his brain processing.  When nervous, he blanks out.  You could do this as well . . .   create on your chrome book, lap top or whatever a presentation on yourself.  Then have your que card for any questions after????  If they are aware, they may allow this.

Deep breathing before had may help a little.  Valium.  ha, but something to that makes you calm?  My son is very calm and mentally organized when he's had physical activity prior.  That sounds weird but part of his treatment is what they call 'heavy work' in the occupational therapy world.  He does push ups, wall push ups, stomps his feet on a hard surface, gets tight squeezes, does a crab walk and really any physical exercise and it is calming and organizing of his thought.

I commend you for your desire to have a job that fits what you can do ---  we just have to get you over the interview hump to get there!
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