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Cognitive impairment in the elderly

My grandmother is 85, and of late, she has started to show signs of cognitive impairment. She talks gibberish and is disconnected from the present. She is immobile and cannot leave home. We consulted our GP who said that nothing can be done because this is happening due to old age. He also said that medicines for mental illnesses are very strong, and since she is frail and weak, she cannot be given such medicines.

Is there nothing that can be done? We're very confused about this situation. Kindly help.

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Does she actually visit with a physician in person or do you consult with a doctor by phone?  It would be worthwhile for her to have a checkup with blood tests to see about any other ideas besides "old age".  Sometimes, dehydration or a urinary tract infection, for examples, can bring about symptoms of dementia.  At least you could check out some of the possibilities if you can get her to a physician's office for a wellness exam.  Also, her diet should be looked at to see if she is getting enough nutritious foods.    
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