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Does anyone else find it hard to remember anything theyve just discussed or read?

Over several years I've become really concerned about my ability to remember conversations - I can take part in a conversation perfectly well but I can't remember what I've just said sometimes. I struggle to read and remember as well. I've been to the doctors, had blood tests and been referred for an MRI on my brain. Everything has come up blank so I wondering what it is. It cant be normal having a conversation and then not being able to recall what I just said. It's like recording a programme but when you play back everything is blank. Hopefully someone out there shares the same problem and has a clue
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That's got to be really frustrating.  Do you forget other things from the short term as well?  Have you tried some memory strategies like references?  Jotting a couple of words and then looking at them to remember?  How is your sleep??  When I'm fatigues, my cognitive ability is much less.
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