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Help with memory loss from sluggish cognitive tempo?

Hello, I am wondering if anybody has a suggestion of medications or anything that works to help with memory problems associated with SCT that will not cause more memory problems or possible brain damage with long term use? The reason that I have a fear of more memory damage or brain damage from certain meds or supplements is that while searching for medications and supplements to help with memory I have come across information that certain medications like aderall and others plus different types of supplements can actually cause memory damage with long term use, plus I already have memory problems and I don't need more and I am on other medications for other diseases that will have adverse effects when taken with certain supplements or medications.I really need something to help because I am planning on going to college and I want to be able to successfully store and retrieve  the information  that I learn instead of forgetting the information after some time of not constantly using the information. My doctor has prescribed to me Nuvigil, it is supposed to help to stop the constant fatigue and fogginess that SCT causes, but I am scared it won't help with my poor memory and retrieval issues so I was looking to also add something else to stabilize my memory. I take citalopram for major depression and anxiety which has helped my depression and anxiety significantly, I am on 2 types of insulin for type one diabetes, I am on Levothyroxin for autoimmune attacked thyroid/hypothyroidism like my pancreas, I am on lisinipril to protect my kidneys and lovastatin to keep my cholesterol in check, I am also on the mini-pill for birth control and my PMDD. Please help me find something that will help my memory but not interfere with others meds that I have to take.
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Hi again SScalio
I have the feeling that most of your issues are all connected!
Your thyroid dysfunction is probably not being addressed by your intake
of  Levothyroxin (synthetic thyroid), your cholesterol is very likely a symptom of low thyroid function, the statin meds for lowering cholesterol come with very serious effects,your adrenals are out of balance and along with your  low thyroid are exasperating your PMDD, your adrenals have priority in treatment before thyroid , otherwise they both function even worse,  diabetes is likely also affecting your brain function (diabetes 3) with impaired glucose uptake in the brain along with the low adrenal and thyroid  function, and more medications are not going to help you, until all this is sorted out and corrected properly!

My honest opinion is to seek a holistic doctor or naturopathic doctor to help you with all your issues, as so far there are too many serious deficiencies in your treatments through conventional doctors. You are still young and
you have a chance to get better and live a healthier life, but staying on the same course, simply won't do it to my opinion.

Post again or message me for details.

Love & Light
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Just as physical activity helps keep your body in shape, mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain in shape — and perhaps keep memory loss at bay. Do crossword puzzles. Read a section of the newspaper that you normally skip. Take alternate routes when driving. Learn to play a musical instrument. Volunteer at a local school or community organization.
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