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I didn't forget - I don't have memory of 8 hours

If there is anyone out there that can help me please, please reply. Long story short I was watching a child and then I have no memory of the next 7 hours. Little tiny snippets only. I did not think it was possible for one person to get into so much trouble and not remember it. I didn't forget because Nothing was remembered except tiny snippets so no memory was formed. If I never formed a memory how can I be expected to remember it?  MRI shows nothing significant. No tumors, but I do have small vessal disease, T2 hypersinsitives and white matter disease which the neurologist says are normal for a 45 year old. What do I do? Who do I see? I'm not a junkie or crazy but this problem is driving me nuts. I don't feel it's safe for me to drive. What if it happens again?
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How scary that must have been.  It sounds like you could have a condition known as transient global amnesia.  I am not sure what tests would be done to diagnose the condition but maybe you could mention that to your practitioner.  Take care and get help!
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Hi, that is very good information.  I have recently been looking at the symptoms of a B12 deficiency.
It can show up as dementia, bi polar disorder or other similar problems.  As we age our stomachs can not absorb the vitamins.
Take a stomach pill makes it even harder to absorb as the nexium or prilosec stops stomach acids from producing.
Shots are good, also sublingual B12, B6, Folic acid help.
I hope everyone can find help with this problem.
I am trying to get my Dad tested for B12 but he seem to think the doctor does all the blood work he needs.  He doesn't understand that there are some things you have to specifically test for
Good luck
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Hi, Breezytoo,

            After reading your comment I felt I could offer a little help , as I have older relatives who have gone through some minor medical problems, I think you may have a vitamin deficiency, so will need a blood test & some dietary help...my 72 year old Aunt became very changed in her personality for a few months, until she went for assessment, the day they gave her a vitamin B complex jab, she was back to normal in 1 1/2 hours!...She had become disorientated and did not wish to be left alone...I believe we lose the ability to absorb many vitamins through the gut after 50, so a chat about this with your doctor may be helpful..good luck...Jayne,
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  What happened? If you don't want to talk about that part of it, it's totally up to you, I was just going to say that if your bad memory (I have got one too) has made you get into trouble or an accident or you don't trust yourself to babysit, than don't. I completely know what you mean about losing your memory! I live in a very big city Sacramento and before I moved up to Wash, state for ten years, I knew these streets like second skin. Now I move back to Sac and I can go three blocks and have to call home and ask sometimes! It's maddening!! On the other hand sometimes a memory loss can be something else, like a black out. I don't mean from alcohol or drugs but there are other memory losses too. I am going to be 64 (scream here) on my birthday and it just gets worse. I worry if it will turn into Altheimers or Dementia, but that's just me. I'm afraid to ask because I don't want to know, you know what I mean? You don't say how long ago it was either, I mean the time you babysat until you had to try to remember.
One thing for sure, if you don't feel safe, please do not drive!! Good luck dear.
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Am I to understand you watched a child for 8 hours, and got into so much trouble? If so, maybe the trouble had something to do with your memory loss.

Did the neurologist suggest it may have been a seizure or a TIA?

I imagine he said lets keep an eye on this. So, if it happens again, get back to him asap.
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I'm not sure. I had memory loss when I had an emotional episode.
But I'm bipolar. Maxy
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