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I need help, this is really scaring me and my family...

I'm 35, I used to have a vivid photogenic memory, but within the last 4 years my memory has regressed severely it is at a point now that I will go shopping for the same things a few times a week because I forgot that I did it already, I can do something and within 5 minutes have already forgotten, or I could be in the middle of a conversation and I completely forget what we are talking about (this also happens a lot)  I have lost long term memory as well, like names of my best friends growing up, and even forgetting how to spell a lot of words (which I used to excel at) I say things and forget them, I don't even remember many things I did as a child, or even a few years ago. Do you know what could be going on with me? They did find a tumor on my adrenal gland, but I don't know anything, I just please need to at least get a notion of what at least I can do, or what this may be. The symptoms I have mentioned occur regularly.
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You are awful young for this to be happening.  Are you under a lot of stress or sleep deprived?  I worked a night shift for a while and still had to get up with my kids, I was cognitively impaired.  Forgot things, did wacky things (do coffee maker without coffee pot under it, start slow cooker without meat in it . . .).  A brain blip is fairly common (not remembering names or wondering if you did or did not do something) but a bigger issue should be talked about with your doctor. All and all, this does not sound like it would fall within normal so I'd see a neurologist.  Let me know what happens.
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