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Memory loss

Can memory loss be caused by diabetes? Can memory loss be caused by mental health disorders? Can memory loss be caused by seizures? By doctor says I'm to young but young doesn't make it impossible. I'm a 20 year old just graduated last summer in high school  and for years I have had this problem of losing or miss placing things that I know I ha put there but yet it's not there. Daily basis I lose my shoes, my wallet, and if I just had it I set it down and I have lost it for like a week and its in front of my face when I find it. My wife tries to help but she can't keep up. And it's getting so bad that I'm forgetting my daily insulin doses on my insulin pump and the pump is on me really how sad is that come on there is something wrong but I can't tell yet and it maybe to late by the time we all figure out what it is. Thank you for your time:)
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Hello Tara13069,

You asked if memory loss can be caused by mental health disorder ?
Well, if you're talking about depression, yes it can. I speak from first hand
experience. I was severely depressed more than 10 years ago. During my depression I was constantly misplacing things. It seemed like I couldn't remember things for more than 2 minutes. I would put something down and  five minutes later I'd forget where I put it. I found it very frustrating to say the least. So here is what helped. I always kept a certain item in the same place so that when I went to look for it , it would be in the same place, especially keys, my watch etc. I would write myself notes about when I took a certain medication. As I slowly got better, my memory improved, but it took time.
I still take an antidepressant everyday. Recently I started adding fish oil capsules to my list of daily supplements, so Omega 3 which is something ones body does not make naturally. The kind I take is called VitaFishOil.
They are so easy to take. They are orange flavoured, manufactured by a company called VitaTree Nutritionals.  I bought them from the Shopping Channel. I bought a 3 month supply. You take 4 a day. Since taking these fish oil capsules not only has my mood improved but I seem to be able to think more clearly and this is supposed to be one of the benefits of fish oil or Omega 3. Also these fish oil capsules are mercury free. I highly recommend them.  I hope you have found my suggestions helpful.  Be well.  Eve
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Well, if u can graduate from high school it seems u have much memory loss. I know of other cases...
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