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Please help

Im hoping someone can help me for the last 2 months I have watched my 78 yr old Mother go from a productive self sufficient woman..... That has had some forgetfulness and mild hallucinations to a women that can no longer dress her self or complete a sentence, We took her to neurologist and he did some testing in office that day.... Said she had some Dementia going on and started her on lowest dose Exelon patch with in 6 days she was paranoid and begging to go home ( she was home ) to go thru cabinets and gathering things to episodes of agitation ... We called Doc he sent us to Geriatric Pysch Doc that thought my Mom should be placed into Geriatric Pysch ward and be evaluated for Dementia , I told then my Mom' s rapid decline since starting exelon and short dose of Risperdone for Pyschoctic episodes..... She did 11 days in GeriPysch they add Zyprexa to the mix and within 4 days she was grabbing stuff out of the air that wasn't there having trouble using the right words and aggressive behavior.... She was taken to Nursing home and they said that they would take her off everything and let her dry out see what the behavior was like off all meds.... The only thing they D/C was the Exelon Patch they kept the Zyprexa and add seroquel .25 mg twice a day..... Now she doesn't know who we are half the time she can't sit still can't complete a sentence of more than 5 words that make no sense ..... She went from memory loss and confusion and some hallucinations to someone that looks like end stage Demenia .... Can this happen in less than 2 months????? We are fighting to get her off Anti- Pysch meds since the decline is even more rapid .....please help !!!! Don't know what to do....
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    There are other options as regards treatment for dementia. For example I have known some people who have dementia who responded well to Namenda although each person responds differently to each medication. There are some concerns and contraindacations about the use of antipsychotics in people who are elderly and have dementia which would be noted on the medication websites. It would be important to find out why they considered the use of these medications to begin with. Also they need to diagnose the cause of the dementia as what would be used to treat it might vary dependent on that.
    Care at some nursing homes isn't always what it should be and it would be essential to have further diagnostic work and follow up from an outside treating physician who most likely should be a gerontologist. It would be worthwhile to find out if she could live in the community with a home attendant or if that would not be possible in a setting where she could recieve some supervision but be more able to interact with people in general as that can be helpful to anyone.
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get her off Zypre ..... thats it...
ill be praying for u both.. shay
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