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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this…even if you don’t reply, maybe it will help you in some way !


Current medications:

47yr old female

Bipolar-major depressive

Sleep Apnea


Low thyroid

Had multiple rounds of Electro Convulsive Therapy done in 2001--lost HUGE chunks of long term memory that never came back

Increasing difficulty with short term memory

Double vision (worse when lying sideways & close vision)

On and off swallowing/throat problems (last sev weeks & then disappears..have had about 30 or so incidents,drs. never able to figure out why)

tremors (worse in morning-mainly shows in hands..sometimes head)

Continual constipation

no energy..fatigue especially in last few years

Painful, sudden spikes of pain in toes(once or twice a day)

Continual soreness & stiffness all over body,,oftn very difficult & painful to get out of bed in the morning (have to hold on to furniture to gain balance and lean on for support)

Had pretty extensive bloodwork done in August..incl B12..all ok

Have always experienced moderate twitching while falling asleep..recently severe jerking..even during the daytime..even whole upper body, head, legs/feet (twice while driving) even my stomach !!

Just experencied six months of continual numbness & tingling of left side arm/hand..sometimes stomach/foot/leg & head cervical MRI, shows increasing degeneration, but nothing to point to the reason for the recent numbness/tingling/pain

EEG showed nerve entrapment in elbow with incredibly sensitive reflexes on entire boy/was referred to surgeon/he immediately ordered cervical x-ray/then sent me back to my cervical surgeon who ordered a cervical mri..have been some changes but nothing incredibly dramatic

After six months, all numbness suddenly gone

Have had 2 brain MRI’s (none since short term memory worsening)

One brain MRI before a cervical fusion surgery (2006)

Another in 2007 when experiencing decreasing sensation in face, arm  & leg

Don’t have a copy of 2006 MRI

2007 MRI (which I think is fairly normal???) shows:several FLAIR punctate hyperintensities in the occipital lobes bilaterally, unchanged from previous exam...no lesions, masses, etc., normal vascular flows..some motion degradation.
IMPRESSION: Findings consistent with chronic small vesssel
ischemic changes in white matter tracts in the occipital lobes bilaterally.
In Nov of 2011, I had an eye injury..totally extended bungy cord snapped back to catch me in the right eye…was bleeding internally in eye..given 1 week bed rest & medication (steroids?) Still have continual “floaters”--black lines.


My friends and family normally make remarks about my lack of memory ability

My 76yr old father..just recently had a very significant stroke-
related to the caratoid)  also have family history of Parkinson’s.. paternal grandfather & father

Have started a journal recently as I and my husband are noticing some puzzling events:

Memory journal

~ 12/1 taking call at work w/trainee listening in (have done several times before…. ..my mind went totally blank for about 5 seconds..could not remember what I was saying or thinking

~ 1/1/13 could not remember how to fold a tshirt..took about 3-4 seconds to recall

~  1/7/13 could not remember how to switch from cd to radio in my car (I spend 3 hrs a DAY in my car commuting)

1/8/13 could not find my car in the parking garage..I park there every morning..not always on the same level..I spent 45min looking for it before going to the security office where they found that my parking pass had NOT been used that day to exit the garage..eventually (after about 20 more min of walking found it)

1/9/13 carried a bottle of water (among other things) up the steps...laid everything on the bed and then asked my husband to bring my bottle of water upstairs

1/10/13 brushing teeth...toothpaste in top right drawer for (approx 6 months.. we just moved) open cabinet above & to the right of the sink...looking for the toothpaste..took about 1 sec until I had realized what i had done

At least 2-3 times a day while walking around, forget the task at hand
Thank you so much for taking the time and the energy to read thru this…any and all comments would be appreciated…even a “you’re OK, you’re just getting older”  :o)

Thanks !

Jennifer .
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  Some of the more minor concerns you are describing may be temporary side effects of the medications.  For example some of the medications you are taking can cause temporary movement disorders (especially if they vary during the day), ECT over can as you stated over time cause memory loss. The more severe and marked changes you are describing are most likely related to the findings they have from the MRI but only a neurologist would understand the clinical specifics. It would be essential to see a neurologist on a regular basis so they could keep track of what is happening and follow up with it and treat it. You could ask a neurologist or other doctor what the results of the MRI might indicate.
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Hi Jennifer.

I just send you a message.
There are 3 major interactions between your meds and at least 3 moderate.
The 3 major interactions, mean that the risks associated with the intake
of those drugs exceed the benefit from taking those drugs!!!
If you must take all them and there are no other better options, then you may need to be monitored by a Toxicologist, while on those drugs.
Please post again or pm me and let me know what you think.
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Hi Jennifer.

There are no easy fixes but I'll put a star on the suggestions you can implement

*One thing I would recommend is switch from synthetic synthroid to Armour dessicated natural thyroid supplement, as it may work better.

Taken from a previous post:
*Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
You may have -Impaired Glucose uptake in the brain.
Simultaneous EEG and [(18)F]FDG-PET testing is required to verify.
Coconut oil -virgin and organic- is an excellent substitute. 2T daily
and build up to 4 in 4 weeks.
I would try it anyway, in place of other oils -specially cooking oils as they are pro-inflammatory!  coconut oil is NOT!
Visit the coconut research center website for details.

Self test with a glucometer from any pharmacy. test frequently to establish
patterns according to food and drink intake.
To correct this- if not already diabetic- just follow a pre-diabetic or diabetic diet.

-* Candida (yeast overgrowth)
Do a self test -only indicative,NOT diagnostic!). Search for saliva candida test on YouTube. Then if positive, go for further testing or just do the anti-candida diet. (again Coconut oil is recommended as the top Anti-fungal agent. Works BETTER than prescribed meds!)

-* Food intolerances , sensitivities and allergies.
Do Dr. Coca's Pulse test. free download or visit a NAET or "Allergy Antidotes" Doctor or Practitioner. (holistic allergy elimination)

-EMF Pollution.
Get an EMF detector and avoid exposure.

- Neuro-transmitter deficiencies.
Did you get tested for these? This could be a challenge.
Acetylcholine, epinephrine, norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5-HT), dopamine, melatonin, both D- and L-aspartic acid, L-glutamic acid, glycine, gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), adenosine and ATP plus other nutrients including minerals play an important role in brain health.
Correcting the deficiencies by proper nutrition and dietary supplements.  

- *Heavy metals toxicity.
Comprehensive Detoxification every few months.
Go to Jon Barron's website for a good tutorial in simple language,
regarding detox.

-Digestive, G/I and elimination issues.
All these systems along with organs like kidney, liver and bowel may produce toxicity when their functions are impaired, leading to brain issues.
Poor diet, inadequate hydration, stress, toxicity,constipation, allergies, yeast overgrowth,will affect all these systems and consequently the brain.
Look into the SCD program for that. It's a challenge though for many to stick with
this program as it is strict!!

* Meditation is a great way to distress and empty the mind!
it might work wonders for memory.
Just get a good CD with binaural sounds, or go to YouTube for  meditation video clips. I like Sonia Choquette a lot and she has many YouTube videos.

Hope this helps and please post again anytime!

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