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Shock from catching wife cheating help!

I've been married for 6 yrs we have 3 kids all under age of 6 .. And just in the last year or so I've been having/remembering catching my wife cheating on me multiple times In our home . Even stuff like the cops coming to the house and me with two or three family members catching her then after the fact setting at house talking about it even a Friend of the family that's a nurse coming over and shining a light in my eyes checking blood press having me squezz her fingers stuff like that ..I have lowly remembers like 10-15 deferent incidents maybe more over the last year and what crazy ive rememered each one in order as they happened in a timeline 1st to last  asked my wife a course she says I'm crazy and need help I've asked my family I remember being there that would say anything really I told them she said I was crazy and needed help the lol and I may then the kinda brushed it off and side I was ok they want give me any answer really. I have found out that the cops where at the house one night but someone that just happen to drive be but that is all I've proven so they are lieing about that part
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And the 1st memory was from like 5-6 years ago so I went nearly 5 years before I even remembers the 1st incident
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Clovis, visit your Dr. Phantom memories are symptoms of other illnesses, very good dreams, or too much chemically enhanced partying. This is not one for the Internet. Good luck.
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