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Short term memory, headaches, neck pain, can't sleep.


(My english is not really good because it is my second language)

I am a 22 years old male. About 3 months ago, I went to the gym late in the afternoon like I usually do. It was leg day, as i was pushing, squeezing, trying to leg press more weight than I ever did. My head started hurting really bad all of a sudden. I stopped working out right away and just went home. Everything seemed to be so loud as I was walking down the street making the headache even worse (cars engine, people talking..). I got home, went to bed, I couldn't fall asleep. My legs started shaking and I started feeling really dizzy. After that, I felt the same way for about a week (couldn't fall asleep until early morning) when I finally went to see a doctor, he checked my blood pressure, heart rate and simply told me it was due to a lack of sleep. He prescribed me some sleeping pills (zopiclone) I started feeling alot better for a few weeks but that dizziness and headaches were still hitting me sometimes. I went back home in august for my brother's wedding in France, when I was there I got my blood checked and everything was normal. The doctor prescribed me some pills for the headaches and the dizziness, vertigos. I felt just fine during the 3 weeks I was taking them. Now I came back to canada and I don't feel good, I have good and bad days, some days I will have bad headaches and short term memory loss. If I want to remember what I did yesterday or even what I ate for lunch today, I have to think alot, I don't have problem remembering people's name, addresses or my date of birth, I just forget the things I do. The headaches are still there sometimes. I remember everything that happened a few weeks ago though, my brother's wedding by example. My life is pretty boring right now, I usually stay home and watch TV or play video games everyday. I also feel depressed, lonely, anxious, stressed out, wondering what is wrong with me. I can't sleep until 4am, 5am. I would go see a doctor but I don't have an health insurance in canada at the moment.

Some people told me my cervical spine could be out of alignment.

Could it be due to the lack of sleep?
Could it be due to the fact that I took alot of aspirins in the past 3 months?
Could anyone help me with all of this, should I go back to France to get checked again?

Thank you in advance.
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did you get a ct scan of your head? i think you should talk to the doc about that
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