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Should I be concerned?

I know that I most likely won't have any major problems, but I just wanted to make sure.  So I have trouble remembering simple things like, what I said or did, or what other people said or did.  Like, everything left and right just goes right past my mind.  It's not like I don't pay attention because I do, I just don't remember it.  It's starting to get aggravating, but at least it's not affecting my grades.  I'm just lazy with those.  Lol, anyway it's not anything major I will just forget some things like what I did on the Easter of 2019 or that it even happened(Everyone though seems to not be able to remember that), the day of the week, common sense things, you know.  Nothing major, I just want to hear what other people think.
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You have issue memorizing. Most of the time, compartmentalizing things help. Like try to break events into little clusters and compartmentalize them accordingly.
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