i've been diagnosed with TBI, and during the day i seem to lose my short term memory and keep forgetting stuff, i have schizophrenia and when i stop to listen to the voices i will become distracted and forgetful what can i do ?
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   The recovery process for a TBI and schizophrenia is different and its also clinically complex when they overlap. You can speak to your psychiatrist about that as they would be the best one to advise you as to appropriate follow up and treatment. In the meantime you could also contact agencies such as the national brain injury foundation who could give you some information about supports and services and accommodations that might be of help. Think what areas you might need assistance with  the most or have concerns about.
  Also some pragmatic suggestions would be to use reminder devices such as times to take mediciations and every day tasks you need to follow up on. Keep things
you might need to access easiily such as keys in a readily and easily identifiable place. Also have a daily note book where you can write down any information about things you need to take care or follow up on that you might otherwise forget.
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Hey drifter0213.

I'm sorry you're going though all this.

In an ideal world you would have a great holistic doctor, trained in holistic psychiatry and using nutritional psychiatry, energy psychotherapy and  natuopathic approaches ,looking at the entire picture, which includes gastro-intestinal, digestive,endocrine, cognitive, neurological, deficiencies, undelying infections, prior trauma etc..
I hope you have support at home and also access services from various agencies  as ILADVOCATE suggested, to ensure your  safety, well-being
and manage your day to day affairs better.


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thank you for your responses i went to the web-page i will sign in when i get back home
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