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What has happened to me im so worried memory loss + eye pain

3 months before the covid situation started i took some medication just 2 tablets within few hours i broke out in a fever followed by this sudden sharp pain behind my upper jaw nose maybe it was higher it was behind my face anyway. Ever since then my eye sight is dim. i have had pain behind my eyes for 1 year 6 months. also ear ache feels like liquid near ears or something i have also got short term memory loss the scary thing is i dont feel nicotine anymore or opoids or even whe ni go for a run i dont feel the rush, i am so worried.   i get headaches now everyday sort of like dull sharp headaches everywhere. all this started from year and half ago. around 6 months ago i had chest pain had like a mini heart attack hospitals in uk useless doctors done nothing for me no investigation atall except for brain mri scan which also covers face they found nothing chest x ray clear ecg clear. i now have tinitus and chronic fatigue never ever had this before i am 36. even now i have dull pains in my head pain behind eyes its like something has happened below brain stem some immune response maybe? im scared to go doctors because they are playing off as if i am mental i have never had dim vision in my life before i was misdiagnosed as sinitus my nose was fine not blocked ever. i dident get nasal drip or nothing the doctor now thinks its not sinitus. i cannot cope with this feeling of medicaiton not working i can only just detect anti depressents at very high doses before all this i could easily feel medication what the hell is going on is this brain inflammatio nor something else stroke? . my right eye is slightly more red than the other one doctors dopnt know what this is . i just want to cry every day i cannot live with this any longer feels like pressure in front of my head please help someone. i had inflammation markers done month ago but month ago i s way too late they came back clear  bloods clear. finally these types of headaches i have never had in my life before i have had to go to my mp in uk BECAUSE the poor treatment i have recieved in hospitals and doctors. i have even ordered my own blood tests i am that desperate one if for antibodies llg and one is for something else i have no idea what to do i guess i have to accept this it is debillitating i cant live my life anymore why am i getting ear ache yet blood clear no infection why cant i feel medicaiton anymore as much
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PROOF NOT EVEN docs know health really lol
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