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What is causing my Short term memory loss, problem concentrating or focusing

I have depression, anxiety and stress.

I have problem concentrating, focusing, recalling details and leaning new information.

And sometimes my brain becomes blank.
For example I was at school, teacher asked me why are you late today?
I wanted to replay, but there were nothing in my brain. I kept thinking of finding excuses but I just couldn't even any fake or simple ones.
That's the reason I can't go to school anymore, because they ask question and I can't answer, even the simplest questions.
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do you take a benzodiazepine (Klonopin, zanax, valium, etc) or have you taken them in the past ?

I ask this because I had the same symptoms along with several other things when I was on Klonopin, and needed to up my dosage or quit them.
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If you are on any benzos, that could be why you are having short term memory loss. If so, discuss with your doctor. Good luck!
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This could be ADHD (primarily inattentive). I went through 13 years of school without being diagnosed - I was evaluated and diagned in college after my symptoms worsened. I also had prior diagnoses of anxiety and depression.
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