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i cant remember.. im only 19

My name is Ashley, I am 19 years old. My fiance and I are very concerned about my well-being. Over the past years it has progressed and gotten worse. It gets so frustrating and we don't understand why its happening to me.. I have gone to the doctor many times but its like they refuse to see if anything is truly wrong. Its my memory.. I can't remember where I place things.. If I clean I loose things. I lost my fiance's $400 watch months ago but I can't remember even touching it for the life of me. Sometimes I don't remember conversations from yesterday.. I don't remember when I went to the store whether it be yesterday or a week ago.. I forget to do everyday tasks.. I even forget my sons birthday and name at points in time... I know this may seem just like I am a forgetful person but I promise you I was never like this.. I need someone to take me seriously, I really need help. Please...
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