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memory loss or ADHD?

Lately I have been concerned about my ability to remember things.  I am 41 years old, nothing diagnosed.  I have always struggled with my attention since a kid, but I was able to deal with it.  I have often though I had ADD but my first experience talking to a doctor about it was horrible so I never followed up on it.  However, it seems like lately my memory itself is slipping.  The thing that is bugging me the most right now is clocking in and out for work, my job always has to fix my weird punch times.  I can clock in, walk to my desk and not remember clocking in and then go clock in again.  This happens once or twice a week, and I also forget to clock in and out entirely.  There are other things too, like remembering passwords, car keys, I left the stove on the other day and drove to the next town over and had to call a friend to go turn it off.  I am not sure if this is the same issue I have always had with attention getting worse, or cognitive decline.  I guess before I get too into this, should I worry about this time card thing?  I assume this is not normal.  
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Losing car keys...arg my classic sign I need more B12. At the very least try sublingual B12 (spray is excellent).
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