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memory loss??

i have had no traumatic injuries or anything like that to cause memory loss.. but i do have it. it seems to affect both long and short term. it's become a nuisance to my daily life. i've been trying really hard to find a root cause or condition. i did make an appointment for it.....but i forgot to go :( anyway i've had several times where i've gotten a form to fill out and for the life of me i can't remember how old i am... i've even had to use a calculator to figure it out. it happened just yesterday, and i tried to remember my siblings age and i couldn't remember that either. i can have an entire conversation and as soon as it's over it's like it never happened. i can never remember anyone's name unless i see them at least 3 times a day. i've tried the silly brain games and i've even tried writing everything i do in a day and it doesn't help because 90% of the time i can't even remember to write it down. anyway before i ramble on any advice or suggestions would be great.
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