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short term memory loss

I am a 49 year old female. I have a problem with short term memory like forgetting people's names. Even after meeting someone for the first time. They tell me their name and within seconds I have forgotten it. I am so embarrassed that I have to constantly ask them over and over for their name.  I have met people then run into them days later and cant remember their name. I have had this problem for 10-15 years. The past few years I noticed I can't remember events. My husband will say something like "remember when we went here or there" and i dont. He will try to give me clues about the event and nothing comes to mind. Sometimes in a day or two all of a sudden i remember what my husband was talking about and the same goes for remembering names. Out of the blue my brain will go bam! Her name was Sally! I can tell my short term memory is slowly getting worse. I find i need to make daily notes so i dont forget appts, grocery and erronds no matter how simple it is. If i dont make the list i find that i remember the next day. If i dont make myself a note  then i will remember the next day. Kind of like my own wierd cycle of crazy. Another "bam" moment from my brain. A friend recently adked me if i received the card she sent. I was quick to say no. The next day i remembered receiving the card about 2 weeks ago which also contained a check. I have done some research and have read that sugar can create a foggy memory. I can see that might be the culprit since my whole life I have had a high sugar intake especially as a child and young adult. Have cut back on sugar dramatically about 20 years now. Have not noticed a difference. Also read that menopause can cause memory loss and foggy memory. I am at that age. Can doing brain exercises such as memory games help me regain short term memory or is my condition something else?
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   The best thing to do now would be to see a doctor so they could diagnose the cause. Diabetes does have the potential to cause episodes
of memory loss. However as it can affect the body in many ways if not treated its essential a doctor follow up with this. Menopause can cause short term memory loss as well. However as there could be other potential causes its best a doctor rule them out.
  As I have memory loss as well, although from a different cause, the pragmatic means you describe to help cope with memory can be helpful.
However as memory loss is often brain based they generally wont reverse it but can help a person adapt to it.
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Most of us have problem forgetting names dven though we know their faces. As long as you femember your husbands, mids, sisters etc I don't feel it's a problem. Memopause caused lot of memory prblems, I had post it notes everwhere. Sometimes it is excess stress in our life. It is very bothersome. I would start by ruling out causes, menopause, stress, medication, diabetes. Mine was stress. My family dr made me feel like I was nuts. A neurologist could help relieve worry about Altzheimers or dementia.  Everyone forgets where thet put their keys,but if you find them in the refrigerator thats different. Write a lists of stressors a d address each issue, get your hormone level checked, etc read side effects of any medications. Hope this helps. You are not alone
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you describe me to a T. Can't remember names afterward. May remember them days later.oh and the one with gettint the card and telling her no I have dne the same thing and then remember it days later also. It been going on for 10 years. mayo Clinic diagnosed me with Cognitive Mental Impairment. It is not Alzheimers but could turn into it within a 10 year period. So fair its been 10 years and I don't have Alzheimers. And you have gone 15 years so you have passed the point of getting it too it seems. Some of my symptoms have gotten worse but I have not gotten lost, I don't lose time, and don't put things where they don't belong. My problem is just remembering where I put them lol! Good luck! lol!
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