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Am I menopause or not?

I had been on the pill for approximately 25-30 years. I am 52. Dr took me off the pill last year because of my age. I was off for exactly 1 month and took a FSH and it was 50 so he immediately said I was menopause but I still have a period every few months. I have not been 1 year without a period yet. So I got a new Dr and she thinks I’m not quite menopause yet but she wanted to do test to make sure. I had a TVS and all they said was it was very thin. Then I had a abdominal one and they didn’t see anything but lining was 5.8 mm so I am having a biopsy 1/12. She said she thinks I’m just not menopause yet but I have googled and am now scared. Thanks in advance for any info.
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Since you have not gone a full year without a period, I don't understand why they want to do a biopsy. Seems overkill. The lining typically gets to ~16 mm when still menstruating so you are well under that. Also the FSH your previous doctor did to check your menopausal status cannot diagnose menopause since it typically fluctuates between premenopausal/reproductive and menopausal range during the perimenopause timeframe when cycles tend to get irregular.

May be time for another new doctor?
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I guess because the pill can hide that I may be menopause already and my first Dr was absolutely positive since FSH was high, I was definitely menopause. ( I have now read that not to be true ). Just scared that I could have had cancer while on the pill and It would not have shown itself because you bleed every month on pill anyway.  This is all so confusing.  
Being on the pill significantly reduces risk of endometrial cancer (by at least 30%). And the longer you are on it, the more it protects you. And endometrial cancer is pretty rare overall (31 out of 1000 are diagnosed in their lifetime).  

Since you've had multiple periods since stopping the pill, you are obviously not in menopause. And a lining of 5.8 mm is very low risk for cancer.
Thank you for answering.  Definitely puts my mind at ease.  
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