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Anxiety, perimenopausal, could it be related to hormones? where to turn?

I suffer from what I think is anxiety, feeling nervous and shaky but not outwardly shaking.  A few years ago when I asked my gynecologist about it, she actually felt it was due to hormone changes and after several different meds, we finally settled on Prozac and Estrace.  I'm 53, perimenopausal, last period was 2 months ago.  When I asked if she would continue to prescribe this or refer me to PCP, she truly felt it was hormones and if she felt differently, she indeed would send me to PCP.  I've never had this before.  Was given Ativan also for times when nervousness was worse.  Now I'm out of Ativan, out of Estrace, and still on Prozac 40 mg a day, but nervousness is worse, every day, but not continuously.  Last saw gyn in September and she did not renew the Estrace but did the Prozac.  I called her nurse and was told I needed an appt. to talk to her to be sure it is hormones, otherwise will send me to PCP, since this feeling is worse.  I'm confused as where to turn now, Don't know if I should return to gyn, or go to PCP.  My gyn already knows my history of the anxiety but yet I don't want to go back to her only to be told to return to PCP, and vice versa.  Any insight into this and where I should turn?  
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Prozac can actually make some people nervous.  If you think it's hormones, and it sounds like it to me, type Amberen into a search engine.  It's safer than hormone therapy and is supposed to work much better.

I'm going to be trying it when mine arrives on Monday.  I have buzzing and tingling in my lower extremities and am often irritable and can't sleep well.
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I was on Prozac, Zoloft, and Welbutrin (over a 12 year period) for anxiety. I have taken no anti-depressants now since 2004. I use bioidentical hormones (hormones can surely affect anxiousness and nervousness.

When you are low in Progesterone (or have none at all if menopausal...except for a tiny tiny tiny bit from the adrenal glands) this can affect mood as far as anxiety goes. It also affects thyroid.

I work in Mental health and I will say that a good Psychiatrist/Psychologist will ask about thyroid when someone mentions depressive symptoms (and we all know that anxiety and depression are linked).

Anyway, since I have been taking something for thyroid since 2004 and I have my levels checked often as far as the hormones go, I have felt well and not needed any help for the anxiety.

If you are checked regularly and you stay in balance with the estrogen (bioidentical) and Bio Progesterone, you actually protect yourself from many health risks. But, you have to research and do the homework since there is utter confusion out there about these hormones.

Check my profile and old posts if you want...and consider turning your name "blue" by filling in a few profile questions.

Hopefully you will see this post!

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