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Any thing else to help besides Prempro?

I just started prempro 4 nights ago, and my hot flashes (and subsequent clod flashed) and night seats have gotten worse, not better.
I'm only (almost) 46 and was taking DHEA and Pregnenolone....and they worked well up until a couple of months ago. I up'd the dosage, and it still won't work for me anymore. I really REALLY didn't/don't want to take synthetics, but it all just became too much...nauseous too....want to cry all the time. And it all has become worse, and more often since starting prempro. I really would rather do or take something else....natural?
Can someone educate me Please?
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Hi RainSpirit,

I recommend you check into bioidentical hormone pellets.  These are small pellets of either estrogen or testosterone that get placed under the skin of your hip by a doctor that specializes in them.  They don't have the highs and lows of creams, patches and pills.  They bypass the liver when metabolized.

I've had them 4 years and have never been happier.  I started getting them every three months, now I go about every 4-5 months.


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I have been on the bioidentical hormone creams for 3 years. They have been wonderful. I first had a saliva test to see what I needed and then a pharmacy in my area compounded what I needed. I use an estrogen patch,  testosterone and progestorone cream. I first read Suzanne Summers book on bioidentical hormones. It was very helpful.
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Do you know if they have progesterone in these pellets?  And do you know if insurance will cover these and the creams?

Thanks so much
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I don't know about the pellets. Insurance does pay for mine.
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There are no pellets for progesterone.  

I have BCBS of NC.  Insurance pays all about $35 for each insert.  In the beginning I got an insert every 3 months.  Now I get them between 4-5 months.  But I don't know if all insurance will pay.
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