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Bio identical Hormones

Pros & Cons of bio identical hormones. I've been reading every thing I find on the subject. My grandmother & aunt had breast cancer, so I was advised not to go on regular hormone therapy. My problem is severe depression & bipolar disorder. Has anyone gained relief from depression & low energy by going to a compounding pharmacy for bio identical hormones? Thank you for your support. Pamela
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My mother tried bioidenticals for her depression, bi-polar, and menopause symptoms. The bioidenticals did not work for her at all. In fact she developed a blood clot which is one of the dangers listed for bioidenticals. Whether the compounded drug caused it or not I am not sure. It is possible ...

I am very careful about manufacturers/corporation claims with regard to anything I consume from medication to food to febreeze. I NEVER take any medication (natural or not) less than 30 years old or so. NEVER.

Beware any "amazing" claims about what any medication will do for you. If a claim sounds like a "miracle" cure, beware. If no real clinical testing data exists to back up a claim, beware.  


That is the first thing that came up on a Google search for "pros and cons of bioidentical hormones". My apologies... Being in the pharmacy profession has really opened my eyes and taught me so much more than I imagined. Some natural remedies are great, others not so much.

I would suggest talking to your doctor FIRST. Full knowledge of your symptoms, health condition, and performing a full exam with lab testing really should be done before taking a drug of any kind.

Also just for your information on bioidenticals:


"The higher breast cancer risk from using HRT is the same for so-called "bioidentical" and "natural" hormones as it is for synthetic hormones. "Bioidentical" means the hormones in the product are identical to the hormones your body produces. Bioidentical hormones are said to be "natural" -- derived from plants. Synthetic hormones are made in a lab and are also chemically identical to the hormones in your body. It's important to know that many herbal and bioidentical HRT products fall outside the jurisdiction of the United States Food and Drug Administration and so aren't subject to the same regulations and testing that medications are."
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I had bio-identical implants for more then 25 yrs. and it gave me energy and I did better emotionally also and my sex life was wonderful.
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