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Bleeding 2 1/2 years post menopause

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue....53 years old....right ovary removed july of 2005 because of re-occuring cysts.  no periods since then and  diagnosed menopausal in December of 2005.  I have had constant cysts on my remaining ovary (as followed by an ultrsound every 4 months since october of 2005)/ My OBGYN says that they are nothing to worry about and none bigger than 2 to 3 cm.  But always there.  Now I have had 10 days of bleeding in the last month,  it started out spotting, but then seemed to progress to a period with some clotting for several days then back to spotting.   Cysts are still there, and endormetrial biopsy that I had a year ago for some light spotting showed normal so my doc did not do another one this time. Does anyone have any similar experiences, and what did you do?
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I was actually looking on this forum to see if anyone else has had this happen to them. I guess my timing was just right.

My mother just called me yesterday with the same exact issue. She has started to bleed about 2 years post menopause. She contacted her doctor and had bloodwork done yesterday. They also scheduled an appt for April 8th. They want to do an ultrasound, pap and pelvic. They are a bit concerned since this isn't a common thing that happens.

My mother did mention that about 2 weeks prior to her period starting again that she had tender breasts and had felt sad.

I will update when we know more.
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I had no periods for two years - and then started with  heavy bleeding a year ago. I, too, have a history of many  ovarian cysts - all benign. But no cyst surgeries.
I went to a new GYN (my old one was not worried and I was). The new GYN did an ultrasound to measure the thickness of the uterine lining and it was over 6 - it should be under that if you are menopausal. So the next step was endometrial biopsy and D&C.
All reports came back - no cancer which postmenopausal bleeding can be a symptom of.
I have had a few periods since March 2007 - but I don't worry about them and go for my yearly exams.  I am 51 yrs old. If you feel that something isn't right - don't hesitate to go back to the doctor.  
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If you are menopausal and you think the cysts are causing the bleeding then they should be removed. Cysts don't cause bleeding but certain ovarian tumors can be hormonally active.  Did the doctor mention what kind of cysts these are? Most common ones are the one corpus luteum cysts following ovulation, if you're in menopause you can't be ovulating.
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