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Boobs bigger, bad digestive problems - perimenopause?

I'm 46 years old and think I may be perimenopausal.  I have a history of PCOS, never been pregnant that I know of, but possibly may have miscarried once or twice before I could have gotten a BFP (due to a large, unusual looking clot I passed).  My periods are usually every 25-26 days.  The last 3 months or so, I have been getting them every 22-23 days.  Flow is a bit lighter, but not a lot so.  I'm also noticing that everytime I have a period now, I get major breast pain (only a few hours before I start my period and sometimes while AF is there, but not usually afterwards).  I've never really been a PMS'y kind of person before now.  This last month my breast size has increased noticably.  Even my husband, who never notices anything like that even remarked on it.  I am normally a standard B size and I feel like I'm at least a C.  The thing I've really noticed a change in is my digestion.  I've not had great digestion for years, but the last few months they have been horrible.  I have been gluten-free for a long time, so gluten is not the culprit.  I'm not consuming dairy or sugar either.  I take digestive enzymes and Betaine HCL with every meal and I also use Slippery Elm if I have stomach upset.  Anyway, the last few months I get painful bloating and gas everytime I eat and it lasts sometimes all day.  Tums is not helping and neither is my other stuff.  I do have a history of candida as well, so I thought maybe my candida might be flaring.  I just find it odd that it's gotten worse around the time that my periods started changing and my breasts started growing.  Just to be certain I wasn't pregnant, I have taken two pregnancy tests (about a month apart) and they were both negative.  My mom's friend told me her breasts grew from a C to a G when she went through menopause.  Has anyone experienced this and the digestive changes?  So uncomfortable. Thanks.
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Wait what? Bigger Breasts... NO!!! Say it isn't so. I am a D+ now... NO please not bigger.

Ok as for digestion problems, I too have them but mine was caused by H-pylori and chronic gastritis as a result of the h-pylori. I am also HIGHLY allergic to Latex so that means lots of other foods are out like tomatoes, avocados, bananas and some other yummy foods. Are you allergic to latex? This might be part of your problem.

I can't say that menopause has brought on digestion problems because I always had issues, but I can say that during my period I watch what I eat so as to not bloat as bad.

Also the breast being sore is a big thing now. I too was never really PMSy but now... OMG I am the Queen B during Aunt Flo's visits. However I have found that my breasts are very heavy just before and a few days in. They also are so sore I want to cry. If they get bigger now I may just do that.... LOL

Anyway check out the latex allergy aspect and for the rest just know there are others that suffer with you... Isn't being a woman so wonderful??? LOL
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I am allergy to latex, but I've never heard of the foods you mentioned being associated with latex.  How weird!  I don't eat them that much though.  I don't eat tomatos at all, because of the acidity.  And I don't eat bananas at all because of the sugar.  I was tested for H-Pylori about 4-5 years ago when I was having a lot of digestive problems then too, and luckily it was negative.

Don't worry about your boobs. I'm sure this doesn't happen to everyone.  Hey, let's just say I had a lot of itty bitty titty committee years to make up for.  LOL!  Still, it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world and I hope they don't get much bigger.  They're not exactly perky anymore either and therefore, having two heavy bags hanging down is not exactly my idea of fun.
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Oh and despite eating half of what I normally do lately, I've been steadily gaining weight.  I initially lost about 9 lbs. and now I've gained 5 back.  I don't get it.  I eat half of what I normally do, it's much healthier eating, lower fat, no sugar, dairy or wheat and I'm gaining weight.  My body is such a paradox.
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Have you had your thyroid checked?  GI issues and slow, unexplained weight gain are on the spectrum of symptoms.  I think it is hard to sort out what is perimenopausal and what is thyroid.  I'm 48 and have symptoms of both.  I think I'm almost to the point of menopause because I only have one period every 10 months or so.  However, I've just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism so once that gets back up and running properly, who knows?  Maybe I'll have periods again.  

Also, on the latex allergy, one of my kids went to our children's er a couple of years ago and upon check in, we were asked if she is allergic to pineapple (which she isn't).  They asked because that is a big flag for latex allergy.  

Good luck with all this.  
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I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong with me.  I have none of the most common perimenopause symptoms, but several of the less-common ones.  If I am in perimenopause, it may have started as long ago as 6-7 years.

And I will say, I went from a DD/E cup then, to now a G cup.  I have also noticed how man women develop unworkably-large breasts as they age (say...over age 45), and think maybe there's something to your question about breast size increasing in relation to menopause.  :O
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Thanks everyone.  I thnk what I'm dealing primarily with now, symptom wise (minus the bigger boobs part), is what is called a sluggish liver.  Other names for it are congested or fatty liver.  Back in 1996, I had my gallbladder out.  About a year later, I developed a huge laundry list of health problems, which have gotten worse over time, and now are horrible.  After traditional doctors couldn't help me, I turned to naturopaths.  I found out my liver is struggling greatly, primarily from losing my GB.  After years of this, it's now escalated, because I never addressed the initially.  I'm telling you now, if you can ever avoid having your GB out, do so.  It is astounding the huge amount of symtoms and health conditions a sluggish liver can cause.  And for those who may be wandering, it very rarely will ever show up on a blood test. It is thought  in things like Eastern medicine that all disease stems from a poorly functioning liver.  After what I have lived through over nearly 2 decades, I believe it.
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I'm 43 and i missed my period for the first time ever last month - I'd been super nauseas before i even missed it and was soo fatigued. I then started burping a lot and as the weeks went by my stomach problems got so painful I was sure I had an ulcer- the doc gave me anti acid tablets and I'm due for an endoscopy. Yesterday my period came, two months late and the docs are sure I'm perimenopausal- what's interesting is all the dreadful tummy problems subsided a few days before my period came on and they have completely disappeared for the moment. i read somewhere that a lady had an endoscopy as she had severe stomach problems and they told her it was due to menopause. I too have much bigger breasts- and their shape looks different too. I'm happy about this part as I've always wanted bigger breasts! and they are actually more perky. Not sure how long this will last for though but it's the only good thiing about this entire awful experience. I'm dreading the rest of it :(
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