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Breast pain

I had a hysterctomy in 2003 and am now on a compounded harmone pill twice daily. I have been having the last week a feeling of my milk coming in and or pain in both breasts. It has been a little over a yr. since my last check up and he said there were cysts in both breasts not to worry. that is the reson for the harmone pill change. He's a DO by the way. Thanks!
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It is common for there to be a lot of fullness in the breasts on hormone treatment. Some women complain of breast pain, nipple tenderness and the feeling that their milk is coming in.

You might have less symptoms with less hormones. See if you can have the dosage reduced and still have your menopausal symptoms relieved. Just to be safe, it is also a good idea to have your breasts checked again and also have a routine mammogram regularly.
Machelle Seibel, MD
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