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Can Menopause come with Psychological Effects such as Brain Zaps and Brain Fog?

My mother is 49 years old. Since August 2017, her life changed. It started with swelling in her right foot. At the time, she went to the doc about it. Some tests were done for her organs but everything was ok. The swelling went down on its own without any aid.

Coincidentally, around that same time, her menopausal symptoms began. Initially she felt extreme fatigue and dizziness. She even fainted one night and was admitted at hospital and dismissed following morning. She had been to the doc prior to fainting and her iron level results came back as 11. Normal is 14 and the doc revealed that 11 was ok in women. They put her on iron supplements regardless.

Then I can remember psychological changes in her. She is currently feels the following:

-Brain zaps which can awaken her during sleep.

-Brain fog: Wakes up out of nowhere feeling confused.

-Feels like brain being pushed around in head

-Numbness in Face, Shoulder, Arms

-Extremely hot and sweating one minute and then freezing the other minute

-Ears sometimes hurts.

-Ringing in ears

-Eye pain and dry eyes

-Frequent nightmares


Also, these symptoms intensify closer to her period. 2 times now prior to her period, she woke up seeing ALL white. It scares her so much, making her fear going to sleep every night.

She has done CAT scan and MRI and they don't reveal anything. FSH levels come back normal. But I read that FSH can show normal during perimenopause??

Any other women experiencing same?

I am so scared for her and feel like no medical professional is able to help.
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So, your mom is pretty young to be full on into menopause but some do hit it a bit earlier.  Everyone is different.  I do have--  for sure--- things like insomnia.  It's very cyclic and it happens for about 3 days straight the week before my period.  I also can get cloudy headed.  I am really busy and sometimes get a bit sleep deprived so that may go hand in hand.

Some of the other things may also be related and some not.  Ringing in ears, for example.  I get that but have had it on and off for years unrelated to hormones or menopause as I have inner ear dysfunction.  It's common.  Dry eyes are something that just happens with aging. I have that too.  Most people as they get to their 50's have some of these types of things.  The hot and cold is the classic hot flashes that people talk about.  Yes, I get that a bit.  I sleep with a fan directly on me.  There are supplements women take that can help with hot flashes.  I'm unfamiliar with brain zaps and that isn't something I hear people complain of.  

They can check her hormone levels to see how far she is into menopause to help decide if it is affecting things.  

It stinks getting older is all I can say.  Body changes.  Brain changes.  Eyes change.  It's all part of the aging process.  blah.  
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Most of her symptoms can probably be chalked up to perimenopause except I've never heard of fainting related to the hormonal changes of perimenopause. And of course it's the most concerning. Iron deficiency can certainly cause problems including dizziness and feeling cold but I don't think fainting is one.

Some of her symptoms could be an indication of a thyroid problem. Thyroid disease is fairly common and more so as we move toward or undergo menopause.  

You're right that the FSH blood test is not helpful during perimenopause. It can swing from normal (premenopausal / reproductive) to postmenopausal.
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