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Can a female with a uterus take Estrogen Only HRT (no progesterone)?

I'm an 18 year old cisgender female with an intact uterus and low estrogen/progesterone. To counter this, my doctor has prescribed me 100 mcg Estradot patches and 200 mg Microgest. I have absolutely HORRIBLE reaction to the Microgest -- horrific nausea, constipation, excessive vaginal discharge, headaches, constantly feeling drunk, etc. I can barely function in day-to-day life. I have been taking it 3 months now, so I know this is not a fluke -- my grades, health, social life, sleep, and attitude have all dropped heavily.. My doctor has recommended cycling it, but that doesn't make much of a difference. Can I take only the Estrogen HRT and toss the Microgest, or is it too much of a risk? It seems I have exhausted many options and Estrogen seems to be the last one.
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Estrogen should not be taken without a progestogen or you're at risk for proliferation of the uterine lining which can cause hyperplasia or cancer.

Have you tried various formulations of progestins? Have you tried micronized progesterone (brand name Prometrium)? There's also a vaginal progestogen called Crinone that is mainly used to maintain pregnancy. It may be an option to cycle less frequently than monthly. You could discuss it with your doctor.
I was on a brand name HRT sequential regime for years consisting of 2 weeks of estrogen and 2 wks Of progesterone added. Them my doc wanted me to try a generic estrogen which I would Lake for three months and then add or take progesterone for a few days.  When I did this and got to the progesterone part, after two days I felt weak, couldn’t think straight, had trouble walking, had vision problems.  I went back on the Premphase which was what I was taking and didn’t have any more of this reaction.
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